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  • ​​​Place a level amount of fruits, vegetables, meat or poultry in the base of the Rapid Slicer™.

  • Holding the knob of the lid, place the lid gently over the food items in the base.
  • While holding the knob, carefully run your knife (7 inches or longer) between the lid and base to slice your produce, meat or poultry in half.        

  • Empty your sliced food item into desired bowl, pot or pan and enjoy!

 ​​Warning: Keep fingers away from the open section of the Rapid Slicer™ and the knife while cutting food items.

Easy to Use...

Product Features

  • Non-slip feet grip your counter-top providing a safe and stable platform.
  • Lock-in-place lid allows for convenient storage.
  • Easy to clean design is top rack dishwasher safe.
  • FDA approved kitchen grade BPA free material, safe for food contact.
  • Made in the USA!

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